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GAIL's Story


GAIL's Story
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Gail came to live with me after being rescued from a puppy mill.
I was lucky enough to get both her and her sister Jasmine.
Both spaniels were in very bad shape. Gail weighted only 11 of the 26 pounds she should have been. Jasmine weighted more but has severe skin problems. Jasmine lived in a dog crate smaller than she should have been. She was apparently allowed out only once a day for about 20 minutes. She was fed and forced to go the bathroom in the crate. Gail lived in a 6' x 8' dog run without shelter with 5 other spaniels. She wasn't strong enough to fight her way into eating when food was tossed into the run.
Jasmine adapted quickly whereas Gail was scared of people. For some reason she DID bond with me. Jasmine loved anyone and everyone.
Both girls were full of took three months to deworm them! They also needed lots of meds for various ailments. Both were also spayed.
Jasmine lived for 6 years until we discovered she had a weak heart. Dispite all the efforts the vets tried, she passed away on us. At least she was well loved and knew it.
Gail was diagnosed with cancer eight years ago. She has had four tumours removed plus lots of meds. She has recently developed three more tumours.
I lost my job two years ago. At one point I considered giving her to a family that could afford to pay for her operations. But she still has a MAJOR fear of people and I know it would kill her.
She HAS to have her operation and medications. I am still looking for a job but they are few and far between. And I love her tooo much to let her suffer.

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