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GAIL's Story
Deep Pockets
BIG Spenders

Q)   IS THIS ILLEGAL????????????
A) The BIG Question.....No it isn't! It WOULD be illegal IF we promised you something other for your money other than being listed on the site AND we didn't send it to you.

Q) What are you going to do with the money??????
A) Lots of stuff! A BIG portion of the money will go towards MAJOR vet bills for my 13 years old spaniel who has cancer. Then comes the credit card bills that have added up from...yup...the 13 year old spaniel's bills that we tried to pay with the cards. And the trips to the specialists. And...and...and. You get the picture.
A portion of the monies will go to various animal shelters.
Q)DO you have to pay taxes on this money???
A)Apparently so. Therefore 1/2 of monies will be held for the taxman. Whatever he doesn't want will also go to various shelters.
Q)Will this money be spent on Sex toys, Cars and other crap like so many "please send me money" websites"???
A) Geeze I wish! But no-the money goes to paying bills only.
Q) Have people REALLY sent you more than $100.00??? And was the money real?
A) Yes the totals you see on the pages ARE real! I have had three people send me counterfit money and I have considered puting up a "Page of Shame" but I figure these people would enjoy braging to their friends about doing it so why give them the pleasure?
Q)Why waste money on a dog that will die anyways?
A) She has had cancer since she was 5 years old. We have been able to control the spread of it. The bills are from YEARS of medications, etc. Oddly enough she is still eating and playing fine. She is blind in one eye and has a tumour that goes into her stomach so she gets three small meals a day. If she becomes very ill, can't eat or drink or walk then she will have that dreaded trip to the vet.

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